The Healthy Start Coalition

In Northeast Florida too many babies die from preventable causes and lack of health services. The Healthy Start Coalition leads a cooperative community effort to reduce infant mortality and improve the health of children, childbearing women and their families in Northeast Florida.

I am a Healthy Start Employer

The Coalition's newest initiative was created to certify organizations who provide parenting resources to their staff. I am a Healthy Start Employer aligns with your values as an employer to invest in the health of your workplace and community. 

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Age of first time-moms influenced by socioeconomic status 

While the national average age of first-time moms has increased, factors such as location, education and income influence the statistics and the outcome of a child’s future.  Most counties in Northeast Florida have women giving birth at a younger age than the national average.

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Low Birthweight Among U.S. Counties

Low birthweight is a key indicator of a healthy start and quality of life. Both locally and nationwide, there are significant gaps of babies born at a low birthweight amongst racial and ethnic groups. Failure to close these gaps has caused the nation's rates of low birthweights to rise. 

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Nutrition Education Breaking Barriers in Health Zone 1

Access to healthy food in Jacksonville’s Health Zone 1 has been limited and fast food restaurants are cheap and easily accessible. But new efforts from community agencies and the Magnolia Project are transforming the environment to fix this issue.

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2017 Annual Report

2017 was a year of growth and success for the Coalition. Our Annual Report features highlights from all of our initiatives and events across Northeast Florida that furthered our mission of every baby having a healthy start in life. 


2017 Annual Report

The Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition's purpose is to provide every baby with a healthy start in life and we cannot do this without help from the community.



"Nurse-Family Partnership has given me the confidence to believe in myself as a first-time mom. The visits to my home where my nurse and I talk about my child’s development as she grows allows me to understand my baby more. The questions I have never go unanswered."

– Natasha Jones, Nurse-Family Partnership Participant

"The Coalition brings together key partners to support investment in services that support the healthy development of babies, our community's most valuable citizens."

– Peter Racine, Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation