Healthy Start Advocates in Tallahassee for Children’s Week

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Healthy Start board members, volunteers and staff traveled to Tallahassee Tuesday to advocate for Florida’s children. The annual initiative brought together parents, children, policy makers, professionals, community leaders and concerned citizens from all over the state to share valuable knowledge and information about children’s issues. Over 80 different organizations set up educational and activity booths throughout the Capitol Courtyard and Rotunda, and hundreds participated in Hanging of the Hands, a display of over 100,000 unique cut-outs of children’s hands.

This year’s trip was a huge success! Healthy Start delegates met with several legislators from Northeast Florida to thank them for their continued support, and community volunteers gained valuable first-hand knowledge of advocacy tactics.

To learn more about the event, visit the Children’s Week homepage.

The importance of children’s health care: bringing attention to the issue

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At our Springing into Children’s Health Care event on March 26, we were able to complete Florida KidCare applications for 90 families in Northeast Florida, allowing them to take the first step towards accessing health care for their children.

But that was just one step in linking our region’s families to programs. Where can you find out more?

Springing into Children’s Health Care

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Thank you to everyone participated in and supported our Springing into Children’s Health Care event on Saturday, March 26. The event was a complete success and tons of fun!

Ronald McDonald entertained families, while community organizations provided health and vision screenings, children’s health insurance enrollment and many other services.

We had more than a dozen vendors and estimate that around 500 people attended. But most importantly, we completed Florida KidCare applications for 90 families — which means we helped nearly 200 children take the first step towards accessing vital health insurance. Families came from all over Jacksonville and from as far as Clay and Baker counties specifically to sign their children up!

For more information on Florida KidCare, call regional outreach coordinator Jack Johnson at 904-723-5422 x123 or complete the online application.

ReachUp, Inc. Hosting Conference May 12 & 13, 2011

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Fathers play an important role in their children’s lives. ReachUp, Inc is hosting a conference on fatherhood in May to look at the impact dads can and will have on present and future generation.
The Affirming Fatherhood Conference: “We’re in it to win it,” The Right Look at Fatherhood will be held on May 12th and 13th in Tampa. The conference is designed to provide a different view of fatherhood and the value that positive fathers offer.
ReachUp’s purpose is to advocate for and mobilize resources to help communities achieve equality in healthcare and positive health for families.
For more information, contact Kenneth Scarborough at 813-712-6320 or

Smoking Cessation Classes Available for Healthy Start Moms

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Is there a smoker in your household? Take action and give your baby a healthy start!

Moms who smoke or who have family members who smoke can sign up for Quit Smoking Now, an evidence-based smoking cessation program offered by Northeast Florida Area Health Education Center (AHEC). It is a six-week program that provides you with the support, guidance and resources to help you quit.

Pregnant mothers who smoke are at risk for delivering low birth weight babies. Infants who are exposed are at risk for a sleep-related death. Smoke that can harm the baby doesn’t always come from the mother either — second- and third-hand smoke from family members can have an adverse affect too.

Quit Smoking Now is always free to participants and you don’t have to be 100 percent ready to quit — the program welcomes anyone who is interested in quitting. It’s a program developed by an ex-smoker for people who want to be ex-smokers.

The program is led by a trained facilitator, who will guide you through the many issues related to quitting smoking, including managing stress, how to prevent relapse and identifying smoking/tobacco triggers.

For more information, visit