Black Infant Health Community Council


The Black Infant Health Practice Collaborative launched on January 25, 2008 to address the disparities between African American and white babies. Former Gov. Charlie Crist signed HB1269 on July 27, 2007 to address the disparity in eight counties. The council was created to ensure the statewide initiative was sustained in the Duval County.


Determine the medical and social factors contributing to the elevated rates of infant mortality among black infants in Florida and to develop community-based strategies and recommend policy changes at the local and state level to address the disparity. BIHCC members are responsible for becoming knowledgeable about issues related to black infant death, contributing factors, social determinants of health and the work of the Black Infant Health Initiative and the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition. Members will also be responsible for disseminating accurate information about issues related to black infant death to community stakeholders and advocate on behalf of black infants locally, statewide and nationally.

Council Subcommittees:

Advocacy & Community Education

Activities to increase awareness among people about infant mortality, its impact on the Black community and what can be done to improve birth outcomes.

Professional Education

Forums, workshops and meetings to increase the knowledge and skills of professionals working to address the disparities in infant mortality, the root causes of health inequities and the role of racism, as well as best practices.

Philanthropy & Community Mobilization

Efforts to garner resources and gain political support to sustain and expand programs that successfully address the problem of Black infant mortality, engage the Black community to contribute financially to promote Black infant health.