Preconception Peer Educators

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iStock_000020119276LargeThe Preconception Peer Educator training is part of the Office of Minority Health’s “A Healthy Baby Begins With You” campaign, which began in 2007. The purpose of the program is to enlist college students as peer educators not only on college campuses but also in the community at large, to help disseminate essential preconception health messages.

PPE logoThe Problem.

Infant mortality, the death of an infant before the age of one, is higher in the Duval County area than in the rest of the state.

The Mission.

Increase awareness of infant mortality be reaching the college-age population with targeted health messages emphasizing preconception health and healthcare.


  • Six-month minimum active participation (prefer one year)
  • One campus and one community event per month
  • Recruit a minimum of two students to the program
  • Attend monthly JIMA meetings

Active PPEs are eligible to serve as elected officers.