From the Field: NFP Jacksonville Success Stories

A nurse home visitor with one of her clients

Nurse home visitors from Jacksonville’s new Nurse-Family Partnership program share some of their success stories.

The NFP model has been identified as successfully impacting key outcomes in maternal and child health, child maltreatment, child development, school readiness, family socio-economic status and injuries, crime and domestic violence.

Shands Jacksonville Medical Center
  • Since the implementation of NFP in February 2012, I have noticed that most clients are very receptive and eager to participate and receive the education that NFP offers. There are two particular visits that have been extremely rewarding experiences. On the third visit with my 25-year-old client, she became very excited because she wanted to share some important news with me. The client informed me that her brother had reviewed the NFP educational material (which is left with the client) and was very touched by the information that dealt with the impact of secondhand smoke on the baby. The client stated that her brother informed her that the hand outs made him think on a more personal level and he decided that he would quit smoking so he would not negatively contribute to his nephew’s health.
  • On my second visit to a 17-year-old client, I was very pleased that three generations of the family were present including the client, her mother, maternal grandmother and the father of the baby. The visit was very rewarding because everyone was engaged, offering their opinions and asking questions. I also was able to check the blood pressure of the maternal grandmother who is on medication and offer some education on the importance of following medical regiment as prescribed by her doctor.
  • Since working as a nurse and being part of the Nurse-Family Partnership program, I find it to be very rewarding and a great way to engage clients as well as other family members in the home with ongoing participation and care of themselves prenatally and postnatal, educating them on the information that the NFP program requires, as well as allowing the clients to select topics that they may find interesting to learn about.
  • One of my success stories since working as a NFP Nurse Home Visitor, I was able to help one of my clients successfully find a place of her own by providing her with the information she needed. As my visits continue with this client, she has stated that she is so grateful for being a part of this program that not only educates her on what is important for her to know in regards to her health but also her unborn child’s health. The client also states that she is less fearful of what to expect during this first-time pregnancy by having someone to meet with her every other week to make sure she is on point with her care. The client feels more confident just knowing that a nurse will continue to be with her until her child is two years old and help her to be the best parent she can be. She also voiced her appreciation for the aid in helping her formulate short- and long-term goals to help her achieve a good life for her and her child.
Duval County Health Department
  • New! O.B. a 17 year old, first-time parent, was enrolled in the program at age 16 when she was eight weeks pregnant. She is a senior in high school, planning to graduate in June 2013. O.B. expressed initial interest in all activities, services and education plans within the program. During the eight months of home visits, O.B.’s strengths were identified as being determined, self-motivated and a dependable participant. She clearly stated that she wanted to finish her education. After completing a maternity health assessment, the nurse and O.B. discussed her topics of concern and made agreements to work on activities which would assist her during her pregnancy, such as learning strategies to keep herself healthy and relaxed by learning more about the pregnancy process and ways to reduce stress. In later visits, O.B. learned about developmental milestones and ways to calm a baby. At each visit, the nurse assessed O.B. for any physical concerns, discomforts, changes in her environment or coping with the pregnancy. In turn, O.B. followed through with the guidance and referrals from her nurse home visitor. With her commitment to the program, she stays consistently engaged with the nurse home visitor. On October 31, 2012, O.B. delivered a healthy, 9 lb., 2 oz. baby boy. Since then, O.B. and the nurse have discussed the importance of proper nutrition, sleep position, well-baby visits, immunization schedule and family planning. O.B. kept her postpartum appointment and has chosen a method of family planning after reviewing several options with the nurse. While O.B. was on 6 weeks maternity leave with no income, she started experiencing some financial difficulties. She shared her financial difficulties with her nurse home visitor, who referred her to a local financial assistance office. O.B. was planning to return to work but was informed by her job that she would no longer be employed as the company would be going through business closure. O.B. wanted to start looking for job and she requested the assistance of the nurse in putting together a resume. The nurse discussed all the information needed for a resume and provided guidance and assistance in the preparation of the resume. In pursuit of a job, O.B. utilized the resume and she found new employment. The client expressed gratitude for participating in the NFP program and also for having a nurse home visitor who has always been very helpful. She told the nurse home visitor, “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”
  • During a home visit enrollment assessment, a client reported the diagnosis of hypertension in a pre-pregnant state. She also reported that she has been seen by a physician since she became pregnant and has been prescribed anti-hypertensive. When the nurse home visitor asked her about the frequency of the medication, the client inferred that she was non-compliant (e.g. makes me dizzy etc.). The blood pressure read 166/89 and client is obese. The nurse home visitor discussed the dangers of hypertension as it relates to pregnancy and encourages the client to comply with her medication regimen. The nurse also addresses diet modification – assists client in diet plan and making substitutions e.g. replacing ground beef with ground turkey and use of Mrs. Dash for low sodium salt etc. At the next visit, the client reported compliance with her medication regimen and diet modification as discussed. Her blood pressure read 158/90. She feels happy and content and is willing to continue with her efforts. At a later visit, the client reported compliance with her medication and diet. Her blood pressure read 136/50. She says she’s really happy being in the program. The nurse home visitor compliments the client for her efforts and shared the story with the team.
  • A 17-year-old client wanted to learn about how to care for a baby. The nurse home visitor took her a baby doll on her home visit. The father of the baby (same age as client) was also present. The nurse demonstrated basic care of a newborn: holding the baby comfortably, changing diaper, bathing and dressing the baby. The client then demonstrated each process. She told the nurse that she asked the father of the baby to be present so he can learn how to care for the baby as well. The client said to him, “Here,” and while placing the baby doll gently on his arms, said, ” It’s your turn.” The father of the baby smiled and demonstrated changing the baby’s diaper. Both the client and the father of the baby verbalized happiness for this opportunity at home. The nurse gave them positive feedback. She said, “It was very interesting to watch the young couple.”
  • A 27-year-old military wife expressed willingness to breastfeed when her baby is born. She asked the nurse to discuss breastfeeding. The nurse home visitor took her baby doll with her on the home visit and demonstrated the different ways of holding/positioning the baby during and after breastfeeding. The nurse gave the doll to the client for demonstration and commended her for a job well done. The client expressed gratitude for having the opportunity to have the experience since she thought she may not have the opportunity to practice with a real baby that close to her body. She is looking forward to breastfeeding and the nurse observed the happiness in her face.