For Women

Babies born to healthy moms are more likely to be healthy themselves. There are many things women can do before, during and after pregnancy to make sure their babies have a healthy start.

Having healthy babies isn’t just about having a healthy pregnancy: The health of a woman prior to pregnancy has the largest impact on birth outcomes. The Magnolia Project offers case management and health care services for women before, during and after pregnancy living in six zip codes in Jacksonville’s urban core.

Pregnant women don’t have to go it alone. They can receive an array of prenatal Healthy Start benefits from community agencies that the Coalition contracts with, providing them with support, referrals and education to help them have a healthy baby. Access to care is important too. MomCare assists women in obtaining Pregnancy Medicaid and provides guidance in selecting a Managed Care Organization and scheduling initial prenatal visits.

The Azalea Project assists at-risk, substance-abusing women to ensure they have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. The Project also has a component for high-risk non-pregnant women.

Are you thinking about having a baby? If the answer is yes, then now’s the time to start planning and preparing. What you and your partner do to get ready even before you get pregnant will help your baby get the best start possible. Read our Reproductive Life Planning Guide to help prepare.