From the desk of Dr. Abram

Getting to know three-time Rounds veteran Dr. Harry Abram!

Specialty/Practice Area: Child Neurology
Hospital/Office Name: Wolfson/Nemours Children’s Clinic
Hometown: Nashville
Years in Jax: 20
Years in Practice: 20
Spouse & Kids: Wife Debbie, three kids (ages 16, 18 and 20)
College(s): Vanderbilt
Hobbies: Boating, fishing
Best thing about your job: Helping children and their families lead as normal a life as possible
Health Tip: Exercise three times a week

Q: What is your number one piece of health advice
A: Recognize the role of stress our lives and do whatever you can to minimize it. Stress effects our sleep, happiness and makes everyone’s physical symptoms worse. Find a way, every day , to relax.

Q: What spurred you to get involved in Rounds at the Grounds? What keeps you coming back each year?
A: I have always liked playing softball and thought it would be fun to play on the Suns field. Its great to meet other doctors from other hospitals and encourage my friends to come out and play too. Plus its for a great cause. At Nemours and Wolfson’s, I see neurologically impaired children every day, and its great to work for cause that trys to prevent some of these sad children.

Q: What are you most looking forward to, playing for the third time this year?
A: Having my family and friends spending an evening together.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: Having a mother hug me when I tell her her child will be Ok.

Q: What drew you to the field of medicine?
A: The opportunity to always help someone

Q: Community involvement is a big part of improving the health status of a city. What can we, as individuals, do to improve health outcomes in Northeast Florida?
A: Insuring that all mothers get great prenatal care as early as possible. Work against childhood obestity by encouraging exercise and healthy diets.

Q: What’s your favorite part/aspect of the Jacksonville community?
A: The small town feel of such a big town.

Q: What’s your advice for the new Rounds at the Grounds rookies this year?
A: Watch out for my wife! If I get her to play too.