From the desk of Dr. Frykberg

The athletic and enthusiastic Rounds at the Grounds participant Dr. Brett Frykberg answers questions about Rounds, being a doctor and how to get healthy!

Meet Dr. Frykberg

Specialty/Practice Area: Orthopaedics
Hospital/Office Name: UF and Shands
Hometown: Jacksonville
Years in Jax: 18 Growing up and 3 in residency
Years in Practice: 3
Spouse’s Name: Mandy
College(s): University of TENNESSEE
Hobbies: Golf and Running
Best thing about your job: The Patients!
Health Tip: 30 minutes of light exercise daily is great for the heart

Q: What drew you to the field of medicine?
A: The ability to help people get healthy and stay healthy. I loved being able to make a difference in patients’ lives.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: A compliment from a patient after the problems have resolved as a result of my actions.

Q: What spurred you to get involved in Rounds at the Grounds?
A: Athletic event that benefits health and fitness is a perfect fit!

Q: You were the first doctor to sign up for this year’s event. What made last year’s event so much fun that you couldn’t wait to sign up again this year?
A: Well, I struck out last year and I was embarrassed! I have to redeem myself so there was no question I had to sign up again.

Q: You’re originally from Jacksonville and returned here to do your residency – what brought you back to the city?
A: Jacksonville is great. We have great communities, we have the beach and the St. Johns, and we have a great hospital. I grew up around the hospital with my dad working there. I love the community of physicians there and the passion they share for medicine. For me, this was a perfect fit.

Q: Community involvement is a big part of improving the health status of a city. What can we, as individuals, do to improve health outcomes in Northeast Florida?
A: We have to be active people ourselves. I don’t believe it is good to ask a patient to become healthy, if we ourselves are not doing the same. My advice is to join a group who share the same interests in health. Meet once or twice a week to exercise. Have a plan to eat healthier. I do think the key is sharing this plan with others, that way you can keep each other on track!

Q: What is your number one piece of health advice?
A: Join a group of peers for exercise. Set goals. Keep each other on track with those goals. And sign up for a race! Do it for a benefit, such as the river run or Donna Hicken. It doesn’t matter if you walk the whole thing. The important things is setting a goal and seeing it through to the end.

Q: You’re a seasoned veteran of Rounds at the Grounds – any advice for the new doctors this year?
A: Stretch before playing. We are getting old and this is more important now than ever before.