Meet the Woods!

Meet the Woods — Dr. David Wood and Julie Wood, RN are this year’s Rounds at the Grounds power couple. Dr. Wood is a veteran of the game — he played in 2010 and coached in2011 — while Mrs. Wood is a first-time player for our new doctors vs. nurses challenge. 

Dr. David Wood

Specialty/Practice Area: Pediatrics
Hospital/Office: UF & Shands
Hometown: San Carlos, CA
Years in Jax: 10
Years in Practice: Too many to count
Spouse/Kids: Wife, Julie, Three kids: Chris, 22; Katie, 21; Sam, 19
College: Harvard
Hobbies: Golf, which is a lot like softball
Best thing about your job: Helping youth find their way to adulthood

Julie Wood, RN

Specialty/Practice Area: Community health nursing
Hospital/Office: Partnership for Child Health
Hometown: Los Gatos, CA
Years in Jax: 10
Years in Practice: Too many to admit
Spouse/Kids: Husband, David, Three kids: Chris, 22; Katie, 21; Sam, 19.
College: UCLA
Hobbies: Exercise, dogs
Best thing about your job: Helping homeless families get health care

What drew you both to the medical field?

Julie: I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl. I enjoy taking care of people and teaching them how to care for themselves.

Dave: I love the science of medicine, and I enjoy helping people.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Julie: Being involved in the lives of young women and their children, and helping to improve their health outcomes.

Dave: Working with my wife.

How did you two meet? Tell us the story.

We were both in L.A., and a mutual friend, thinking we had a lot in common (both having served in Christian health missions in Latin America), set us up. She was right! Shortly thereafter, we set HER up with her future husband.

What spurred you to get involved with Rounds at the Grounds?

We share the same goal as Healthy Start, which is to support healthy infant development for all families.

Dr. Wood – What was your favorite part about participating in Rounds at the Grounds the past two years?

Watching Jeff Goldhagen ”play“ softball…”play” is an exaggeration.

Mrs. Wood – What are you most looking forward to (or least!) of playing for the first time this year?

Hitting a line drive to the right of center field, like I used to do in Summer Softball ….or just hitting the ball, really.

What’s your #1 piece of health advice?

Sleep your infant in a certified crib next to your bed.

What’s your favorite part/aspect of the Jacksonville community?

Jacksonville is small enough that you get to know people from all over the city.

How can we, as individuals in shared community, work to improve the health status of Northeast Florida?

Be committed to achieving equity in health care and justice in society.

Dr. Wood – Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for your wife concerning the BIG GAME coming up on Aug. 5th?

Keep your eye on the ball…and off of my legs!