Spotlight: Ladies of Prestige become Lay Health Advocates

The Make a Noise! Make a Difference! campaign to prevent infant mortality has most recently reached the Ladies of Prestige at Florida State College of Jacksonville. Located at North Campus, Ladies of Prestige is a women’s group that focuses on professional development, advocacy, education and volunteerism.

The group first learned of Make a Noise! Make a Difference! at a campus Women’s Expo from Olivia Gibson, the current AmeriCorps member helping with the campaign. Both the faculty advisor and members of the group were immediately interested in the sessions on women and infant health, mentioning that they wanted to be able to help young women at the school become healthier and better students, moms, and future moms.

The first session began in the middle of April, and culminated with six ladies successfully completing the fourth session on May 23rd. In addition to the six ladies who completed all four sessions, another six members attended one or more of the sessions during that time as well. The Ladies of Prestige are now ready to spread the message to peers and make changes in their own lives. Members plan to continue the mission of Make a Noise! Make a Difference! by sponsoring and organizing parenting classes and women’s health events in the future.