Task Force launches prenatal care campaign in Baker County

Pregnant women in Baker County aren’t getting the care they need — so the Baker County Infant Mortality Task Force has set out to let the community know: Moms Matter!

The Task Force has launched a media campaign targeted at pregnant women and the overall community, to promote early and regular prenatal care and make sure the community is supporting women during their pregnancies.

Ads have run in the newspaper, local articles and news blurbs on the issue have been printed (check them out here and here) and fans will be available to churches and community agencies. The fans include a list of over 100 “Intentional Acts of Kindness Toward a Pregnant Woman.” The Coalition also has a Web page devoted to resources in the community available to pregnant women!

Seeking prenatal care early — in the first trimester — and regularly is vital to the health of babies. Mothers who do not get prenatal care are three times more likely to have low birth weight babies and five times more likely to have their baby die, compared to mothers who do receive prenatal care.

Most women in Baker County receive their prenatal care from private physicians and the county health department. Prenatal care should begin in the first trimester, but many women enter into care late (second trimester or later) or do not enter into care at all.