Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month: PREPing Teens for the Future

FYSB_TPPM_logo_14APR04_mcl-bwMay is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. While teen birth rates are declining, one in ten births is still to a teenager. Here in Northeast Florida, the teen birth rate is higher than in the state and rest of the country.

The theme of this year’s month is “PREP Teens for the Future.” Personal Responsibility Education Programs (PREP) programs around the country — including the 4Me Teen Health Project in Northeast Florida — provide important information on safe sex, abstinence, negotiation and skill-building. In addition, programs help youth build important skills around topics that will prepare them for adulthood, like parent-child communication, healthy relationships, educational and career success and financial literacy

infographYouth are less likely to get pregnant or get someone pregnant if they have:

• Open communication with adults about using contraception.
• Supportive parents.
• Healthy family dynamics.
• Healthy relationships with peers.
• Peers who use condoms.
• Accurate knowledge about sexual health, pregnancy, sexually
   transmitted infections, and the importance of abstinence.

*CDC, 2011c; Martinez, Copen, & Abma, 2011

The 4Me Teen Health Project is funded through a Competitive PREP grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s Administration for Children and Families (grant # 90AK0011).

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